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How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Headline

The headline is the section on your LinkedIn profile below your picture. Here, you have 120 characters to say something about yourself. The description pops up in search results.

Many LinkedIn profiles simply feature the default headline – one’s job title. However, you can get much more out of this valuable piece of digital real estate if you provide a headline that conveys the essence of what you’re all about professionally – a statement that compels people you’d like to connect with to click on your profile.

To do this, consider the audience you aim to entice, your unique value proposition, and the language prospects commonly use. Then, roll all of that into something pithy. A distributor sales professional in the promotional products industry might have a headline that reads: “Strategic partner who builds brand awareness and drives ROI through cost-effective branded merchandise solutions.”

Bottom line: Make your headline about the results and value you can deliver, and it will be more of an asset for you.